Styling in the costume that suits men in particular

The pirate costume that is available for men is quite different and distinctive in nature and looks. This costume includes a vest that is stripped, pants which must be of brown or black colour and a shirt which has got loose sleeves. Whereas, the women pirate costume is different and it includes a satin blouse, some specific jewelry, shoes, and velvet corset with lace. This corset is wrapped around the waist. It is your choice to include some more accessories to give the pirate costume a better look.
While getting the pirate costume we must not forget about the hat. You must have seen the movies of Jack Sparrow and he used to wear a typical hat. This hat or designs like that hat are available in the market. You must buy a hat that matches the main pirate costume you have chosen for yourself. This hat has three corners and it is laced with brooches, beads, feathers and laces.

Next comes the boot and the pirates have been found to wear boots which have high heels. This is true for men as well as for women. When ladies wear these high heels shoes, they give a very sexy and attractive look. The women with short height must wear these high heel boots.
In old days the pirates used to wear bandolier and the purpose was to hold and support the weapons they used to carry. In addition, one must not forget to wear the belt made of leather having some metal accessories.
The last thing that will complete the pirate costume is the sword. Do not use the original sword as you may not be able to carry that due to its enormous weight.


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