Costumes for the Pirate Captain

Captain Jack Sparrow is the main hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, played by the very talented Johnny Depp. The Jack Sparrow costume is very famous and mostly preferred at Halloween and costume parties by people of every age. Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, the attraction of pirate costumes is bound to pull you into the idea of becoming Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

The costume for Jack Sparrow was made by Penny Rose, an outstanding designer, who’s worked truly shined throughout all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Jack Sparrow’s costume was also influenced by Johnny
Depp’s own ideas. He gave the pirate a bit of a Rock n’ Roll touch and even added some accessories of his own to the Jack Sparrow costume for instance, his rings and the stories behind them or the necklace made out of toes.

Depp’s additions imparted a great effect on Sparrow’s character. Johnny even altered the character of the witty pirate to his own, which later on resulted in Jack Sparrow’s worldwide success.The role of Captain Jack Sparrow was originally made for Hugh Jackman but when the director saw the amazing performance that Depp had put up, he was elected for the role and so the Jack Sparrow costume had to be altered slightly to the likings of Johnny Depp.


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  1. admin27950 on December 12, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Jack will always be my heartthrob. Doesn’t matter about the story line. They are much of a muchness. But Johnny Depp? That’s something else.

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