Use Halloween for your pirate costume

Becoming a pirate at the Halloween is not difficult. If you are young, naughty and have a wild personality then for you it is very easy to get into pirate costume and become a real pirate. The fancy costume parties and Halloween parties give you an opportunity to wear your favourite pirate costume and enjoy the night in the best way possible. Leave your worries at home and go to the party wearing pirate costume and indulge into wild and beautiful night.

The good thing about pirate costume is that female pirate costumes are also available so you and your partner can become pirates of the Caribbean and enjoy the night together. And be assured that both of you will be winning the best couple trophy at the party.

You must be thinking that the pirate costumes are very expensive and it is difficult to procure this costume. You are absolutely wrong and it will cost you very less. Actually the pirates were very poor and secondly they kept wearing their costumes for a very long time. Their dresses used to be like rags and old costumes. The pirates were non-uniform people so they did not have standard specifications on what to wear. So in simple words there was no specific dress code for the pirates and they could wear anything they had available. They generally wore loose clothes so that they could move around easily and could wear their costumes for long durations without having to wash or change those costumes. Due to rough usage, the colour of their costumes became dark and in some cases they liked to wear dark colours as the dark colour dark colour clothes do not need regular wash. Only the head pirates used to wear white, blue or purple and somewhat clean costumes.So different from the adult theme of 70s fancy dress outfits

So if you like to become a pirate, use old costumes and of dark colour. Use some beads & necklaces and bandanas to match with the costume and remember as I have told you, the pirate costume should be loose and old. Tear the costume from some places to give it an old and rags like look. Arrange some old fashioned sword or big knife to give you the real look of a pirate.


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