I am a highly experienced event manager and people often ask me what theme to choose for their costume pirates and my favourite theme for such parties if Pirate and if the party is being arranged for the kids then I always suggest my friends go for pirate theme as children look great wearing kids pirate costumes.

I also get questions like what activities should be arranged for the children for pirate based theme party. Here are two suggestions which would make the whole event great.

Organize a Treasure Hunt: have you seen movies in which people go for treasure hunt? These movies have great suspense and keep the viewers glued to the screens for the complete duration of the movie. There are heroes, villains, pirates and many interesting characters and throughout the duration your mind is kept on suspense. It looks difficult to create a huge set up of treasure hunt at a small scale of costume party but it is not difficult. These days everyone has a computer, internet and a printer.

Get some old maps of treasure hunt stories from the internet and print those on big size charts. You can design your own map in which you can mark and make the area where you are going to hold the party. This will increase the interest amongst children as they would be more than ready to find the treasure in the area where they are playing and present. So, draw your own map, write the names of characters which are similar to the names of children attending the function. You will see that the children will associate the characters with themselves willingly and would like to act in the same manner as heroes or villains.
Get Pirate Accessories: you must prepare or buy from the market the accessories of kids pirate costumes. Special emphasis must be laid upon acquiring the weapons like plastic swords and smoke generating pistols. These are very cheap and are easily available in the market.


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